Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HUZZAH REMIX (feat. despot, das racist, danny brown and el-p) (with my lyrics)

straight shots of the sterno plus, wick stuck in the bottle empty. 3 blocks to the target we light it and lob it hard at centry, 4 pigs of the oinking variety guard the market entry, 5 minutes of flames and then aim the whistle my father lent me,
6 oclock we meet up and divi the shells among the youngins, 7 continents in the shit and smoke like its fuckin london,
just  before they 8 up the funds our harmony love was bumpin, now goverment issue 9's are pointed where your blood is pumped in,
ten(d) to mop up these muttering zombies talker pieces
el'll ven(t) on you harder than fukashima breezes,
in the end when a dozen or so adjourn to reason, youll find the verdict return corrupted in murderous seasons,
with inverted 31's and other unlucky omens,
thats why i chugg 7 and 7's till im fuckin homeless,
and every time you think my 15 minutes of fame are up i spit another 16 and prove to the world i fuckin own it,