Thursday, August 9, 2012


Sat  9  Sep 2012               CONFIRMED       Isle of Wight          Bestival
Wed 12 Sep 2012              CONFIRMED       London                 Scala     
Thu 13 Sep 2012                CONFIRMED       Brighton               The Haunt                                                                          
Sat 15 Sep 2012                 CONFIRMED       Birmingham        Rainbow Warehouse     
Sun 16 Sep 2012                CONFIRMED       Bristol                   The Fleece
Mon 17 Sep 2012              CONFIRMED       Manchester       Academy 3         
Tue 18 Sep 2012                CONFIRMED       Glasgow               Stereo 
Thu 20 Sep 2012                CONFIRMED       Nantes                 Scopitone Festival          
Fri 21 Sep 2012                  CONFIRMED       Brussels               VK         
Sat 22 Sep 2012                CONFIRMED        Amsterdam        Melkweg                                                                                                            
Tue 25 Sep 2012                CONFIRMED       Paris      La Maroquinerie              
Wed 26 Sep 2012              CONFIRMED       Lyon      Epicerie Moderne           
Thu 27 Sep 2012                CONFIRMED       Marseille             Marsatac Festival            
Fri 28 Sep 2012                 CONFIRMED        Zurich    Rote Fabrik        
Sat 29 Sep 2012                 CONFIRMED       Lausaunne          Romandie                                                                                                          
Tue 02 Oct 2012                CONFIRMED       Aarahuas             Voxhall
Wed 03 Oct 2012              CONFIRMED       Copenhagen      Loppen
Thu 04 Oct 2012                CONFIRMED       Stockholm           Scandic Malmen              
Fri 05 Oct 2012                  CONFIRMED        Oslo                      Sawel    
Sat 06 Oct 2012                 CONFIRMED        Helsinki                Kuudes Linja                                                                                                     
Wed 10 Oct 2012              CONFIRMED       Linz                         Kapu                       
Thu 11 Oct 2012                CONFIRMED       Stuttgart              Speakeasy             
Fri 12 Oct 2012                  CONFIRMED        Berlin                    Gretchen                
Sat 13 Oct 2012                  CONFIRMED       Munster              Skaters Palace 

Saturday, June 16, 2012


official mr killums shirt

official into the wild tour shirt

official C4C/mishka nyc shirt

Saturday, May 19, 2012

the poem/story that inspired tougher colder killer

you may have seen me mention that the song tougher colder killer on my new album was inspired by a short poem/story by my godfather sevan minasian.  he was kind enough to send it my way today.  here it is:

Message found on the corpse of a soldier.Dear Enemy, I have killed your son.  He had caught sight of me and followed me.  He had courage.  I backtracked and shot him from ambush. He died quickly and with dignity.  In the quiet after, I crawled over to him.  I took him into my arms.  I kissed him.  He is my first kill.  I die with him.  My name is Tom Daly Jr..  Before I came to your country, I lived with my parents, Alice and Thomas E. Daly, in Springdale, Oklahoma.

Sevan Minasian

Friday, May 18, 2012

STAY DOWN (lyrics)

stay down

you know i get down, I'm a downer, heart pounder, LOLin', smelling like Sarin, 
felony forecast:  el is, dressed to the nines like a target, dressed like a bullseye for a blind archer, 
heart of piranha, swimming where the blood chums water,
lark in the darkness watching, i got it this, boombox burner boy hot shit,
burn like an LA sunset, colorful, toxic, snuff stuff deadly and erotic, 
walk like a man not a product, run like a strumpet, talk to the hand sock puppet,
look at them sky write: "fuck it, we heart nothin', we don't have a tear for your bucket", life's but a pageant, that ain't on no deep shit, try to pull the curtain back crack goes police whip, 
here come the stage mums, dress your little whores to display them, cutting through my brain like a ray gun, 
telling you these fuckers are shameless, Obama to Reagan, look at how they bent to their training,
why would i be angered, not when i can chemically hang glide, angle, face dive mangled, anguish, 
notice i maraud odd language, roll a joint,
hit a fraud god  'till he vanquish, bonus point

I'm thrown 
With all this chrome and
You sound like you're drowning
Drown drown drown drown 
Get down, stay down 

you know i get bent I'm a Bender, Futura, Ra-ma-dom-inant gene gone bad and, passed along to my blood stream pumping madness, pour a little hell down hatch its, standard practice how to detach from a white noise planet with a dispatch straight from command to throw haymaker plus land it, never take a win for granted,
 remember the pitch that i sang with, to anoint masses, before, mass graves hatch like magic, everybody bows to the bastards, anthem acid dispatchers get rancid, fact of the matter i graph and track hapless, live in a mirage its hard to not crack kid.
whats that? pass it, 
wanna watch? I'ma smoke till I'm bat shit, 
choke like a champion,

I'm blown 
Like I've been thrown now 
I sound like I'm drowning 
Drown drown drown drown 
Get down, stay down 

I'm blown 
Like I've been thrown now 
Down down down down 
Get down, stay down 

Friday, April 27, 2012


still in brooklyn,lullabies chime crooked, for the harrowed and the shook-en, back to dose me, back to hold the high closely, for the sparrows and the butchers, see the blood moon hunters moon hear the howling, for the habit and the hammered and the cowering, in the magic with the haunted and the doubted, there are ghosts here there's a presence there's a power, for the tightrope over tank with the piranhas, for the frazzled its a moment its a promise, to be broke down to be lowdown to be honest, another showdown with the woozy and the conscious, for the aggy with the baggy with the bottle, with a smile with a sip with a swallow, and don't you ever try to say that you're not one of us my love, we are the touched we are entrusted with the same tomorrow

(till i get there) im still livin like a four dollar vick (jumping off the world)
(till i get there)  a lotta trouble four a little bit of win (jumping off the world)
(until i get there) in the gasoline and sulfur in the sin (jumping off the world)
(until i get there) you cannot throw me in the briar patch bitch that is where i live (jumping off the world)

and this goes out to the..
to the maniacs, and aristocrats grifters, to the zealots and the monarchs,
what up brainiacs, compulsively acidic rainiacs, repulsively predictable painiacs.
to the liars, for the devils night fires,  same to you too town cryer, top O' the morning morbid, quite a day we're having gorgeous, salutations unimportant, hello uninspired,
i thought i'd drop on by and wish you all the luck desired, i wish you all the souls your little mouth can tuck inside
 you'll always be that special part of me that loves to dine on grinning void so flirty touches dizzy lust i must imbibe
and what a team we made theres nothing we cant justify but, i am the son disgust entrusted with the undefined, and i can no longer contain whats under my disguise,
i've always had the cancer for the cure thats what the fuck am i,

(till i get there) im still livin like a four dollar vick (jumping off the world)
(till i get there)  a lotta trouble four a little bit of win (jumping off the world)
(until i get there) in the gasoline and sulfur in the sin (jumping off the world)
(until i get there) you cannot throw me in the briar patch bitch that is where i live (jumping off the world)

Monday, March 19, 2012

sxsw 2012 show wrap up

had a pretty great time.  saw a lot of friends.  rocked 3 shows, 2 of which were great, 1 of which was very frustrating.  so:

pitchfork show:

great time.  first show doing new stuff.  the homies exquire, despot and killer mike all jumped up and rocked with me.  staff was pro and friendly.  crowd was great and responsive. good shit.  heres a few flics from that:

biz 3 showcase:

biz3 is an amazing company with an equally amazing staff of people i consider great allies/friends.  that said they were fighting an uphill battle with the staff/production people at the particular venue they had to do their show at.  by the time we got on the shit pretty much hit the fan.  for the first 3 songs of the set we had NO sound on stage.  as we desperately tried to hear our voices we repeatedly waved our desperate hands at the monitor guys who were... wait for it... reading books.  by the time we got our sound on we had gone through 2.5 songs belting as loud as we could and were wiped out.  then, in the middle of deepspace 9mm, which was at the 20 minute mark of a 30 minute set, all our power was turned off.  no warning.  get off stage, assholes your time is up.  needless to say it was a huge bummer of a show for us and theres no way it came off anyway close to how we wanted it to.  my apologies to anyone who only caught that 1 show of ours.  that shit tore me up and infuriated me beyond belief.  big shout to the production manager who literally ran away.  trust me when i say that was the right move.  

thrasher/converse/santos party hause:

redemption!  absolutely bonkers night, and even more insane set.  every from das racist to ex to busdriver  and despot plus many more jumped on stage with us.  the energy was incredible, the sound on stage perfect... the staff was awesome and helpful and crowd was amazing.  i feel like its safe to say we completely destroyed.  thanks to everyone there for a great time.  oh yeah... then willie d and scarface got on.  yes.

whole shit was overall amazing.  thanks for the love.

love, el

Friday, March 9, 2012


got a strain un-contained that could turn parade zombie, walk with an army on me, stalked by the harm and armor posse,
prolly, got me, on a radar with a dot these, watching, plotting minions of the lower god scene,
shit hawks abound, in the town of bullet dodging I'm a rocky, run a hundred a mile before my coffee,
shitty little sick kid, the Gippers hitting for dolo now I'm rarified, signal lit verified bossy, 
fuck your droid noise, void boys 'noid ploy,
oi oi, i'll rugby kick the shit out your groin boy 
oi ve, the slayers of your harmony porn life, throat fuck your lucky day the flight of a torn kite
holy smokes, city blown to the bone the death server, fit a Heartz with a burner, whip to the church of  murder sermon,
just a cassandra too drained to painfully word it further 
future of a gerbil up ass of masochist thats my word up,

so you should pump this shit like they do in the future

pump this shit,
in your floating whip system
pump this shit,
in the bread line, the prison,
pump this shit,
from the chip under your wrist skin,

I am sam, i am known to go H.A.M., the full retard
playing taps on a keytar, in the Benz or the Beamer,
either, etherlicious or rebel yelling the theme of
son of forgotten freedom, rebel ariba riba
metal and man have melted, settle in to the FEMA, dream a, 
your polluted house speaker, leader
yes indeed a, dawn of the dirt and doom  draws nearer,
here's a mirror mirror to peer, fear grows clearer,
steer a, path away from the panic of our era, 
pyramided ocular, unlided insignia
weirder heres another burner born and big in ya
sector, rectified and fly sound selector,
I'm a, fucking ill, trill, kill at will etc.,
brooklyn to the basic DNA math measurer,
better leave the lion alone do not pet him he'll
fuck start your burp hole, jet in burgundy pleather

so you should pump this shit like they do in the future
so you should pump this shit like they do in the future
so you should pump this shit like they do in the future
so you should pump this shit like they do in the future

where harmony and love reign
no longer do we live in a society bent on it's own destruction
children of every race, creed and religion frollick through fields 
of golden dandelions

those who know lust trust the flow is disgust touch, producto back rap rush, you'll notice the lad crush.
im potent, intact, a black hearted and lunged up, 
tarded and touched plus designer of funk rust, 
oh el is back on that shit, huh? that Paincave Kid talk, at the end of the painbow, the permanant stain bop, 
maligning my name will holy ark up your squads face, viewers of the divine rage  learn to worship the hard way,
you get it? i don't fade, just float where the poem slays, at home with a roach hazed, alone or with hoes great, 
i called but got a tone better boat out the borough post haste,

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a verse from my new album


to the mother of my enemy, i just killed your son
he died with his face to the sky and it can not be undone
he didn't die hard, in the end he just grinned and bowed
made him dig his own grave at the point of a gun while he laughed to the gods out loud
and it made me want to jump... out a window.  and it made me want to scream,
tear my face off run through the streets,
pandemonium me, fucked by decree
came a long way from young and alive when i was not blind... now i can not see
grace in reverse at best it gets worse and i wanted you to know: since then i don't sleep,
and the uniform, tags, side arm and ID that i wore when i did it got send C.O.D.
to the HQ, note reading "this is not me and i hate you for making me make a man bleed"
and before the man passed and his last gasp fled (and this is why i'm writing you now) his eyes gleamed,
and he pointed to the part of his chest that still beats
looked dead in my grill and then said this to me:

there is a tougher colder killer
a tougher colder killer
a tougher colder killer than you.
and he will wipe us all from this place.
you will learn to crawl.
you will learn it all in just one day.
just one day.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

see you next year. and vica versa.

gearing up for the last year ever by prepping 2 albums.  one is already in "the can" (as the kids are saying) and one is 2/3 of the way done and so late that the record label that signed me would probably have forgotten about it if they hadnt shelled out the cash. that said.. in case you missed all of it, heres what i did this year (publicly):

el-p "drones over bklyn" form my forthcoming album "cancer for cure"

das racist "shut up man" (produced by and featuring el-p)

exquire "the last huzzah" featuring everyone nice now





next year is, of course, the year i drop my follow up to ISWYD (CANCER FOR CURE) as well as the killer mike album i produced (R.A.P. MUSIC).  cant wait to get out there again and do shows and play you all some new shit etc.  thanks for giving a shit about me.  im lucky to have you.

have a safe and pleasant holiday, because next year you will probably be dragged off in to a concentration camp.  i kid!  nah for real though.

love, el

Monday, December 5, 2011

a visual update on the progress of my album

notice how it is trying to get in to my nose.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

new toy: korg monotron

78 bucks of analogue ribbon synthesizing illyness.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HUZZAH REMIX (feat. despot, das racist, danny brown and el-p) (with my lyrics)

straight shots of the sterno plus, wick stuck in the bottle empty. 3 blocks to the target we light it and lob it hard at centry, 4 pigs of the oinking variety guard the market entry, 5 minutes of flames and then aim the whistle my father lent me,
6 oclock we meet up and divi the shells among the youngins, 7 continents in the shit and smoke like its fuckin london,
just  before they 8 up the funds our harmony love was bumpin, now goverment issue 9's are pointed where your blood is pumped in,
ten(d) to mop up these muttering zombies talker pieces
el'll ven(t) on you harder than fukashima breezes,
in the end when a dozen or so adjourn to reason, youll find the verdict return corrupted in murderous seasons,
with inverted 31's and other unlucky omens,
thats why i chugg 7 and 7's till im fuckin homeless,
and every time you think my 15 minutes of fame are up i spit another 16 and prove to the world i fuckin own it,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my lyrics from das racists "shut up, man"

You can see hilarity ensue
Polarity rule truth
The street meat feed youth
The boogie men bend rules
Elite scene double breast monocle men move
When backroom blood boils, the ink dries quite smooth
Dim lights might prove, to bend eyesights oooh
Eyelines obscured, skyline's removed
I'm fine, and you?
Fine like sinew
In arm outstretched
Inject in you
The flash mob holds hands, chants "we want food!"
Cargo bay loads, the drones just hit Mach 2
Burner hatch opens, the drone stops drops two
like kumbaya bitches you flash us? flash you
Fuck us? Fuck that
Burn air, vaccuum
Now there's a hot flash for that ass babe, achtung
Yeah I stay guerilla mouth pouncing the block, true
Come on it's the way of things, relax act cool
No habla Ingl├ęs, only hobble, break, disgrace
kick punch run pause piss repeat delete trace
No option to talk it out, no route labeled 'escape'
flame your fuzzy friend crunchy plus cuddle with hate
El-product plucking the little wings off your fly shit
ants under the magnifier fry quick
Pinning back eyelids
Gaze upon the god that has subjected us
My whole squad's Federal Reserve, no checking us

Saturday, August 27, 2011


you better stay aloof when the troops move or suicide booths sooth, the whos who of looters shoot the bullets go zoom zoom,  your pain is the porn pal, they pay to pop plain shit, its faded its more foul than famous its hot sin,  
holly wood off the bus fucked, tender little destruct tucked, in the waist with a gold face, feed the greedy wit dum dums,
you and me in the butane, supe a lame and he puffs up, little dragons of fad rap, suture their face the fuck up, 
walk in the zone or get less, wake in the fog of fright night, eat where sifters sell trash, sleep were the orphans hell hatch. pardon me son im zoned out, cloned out, no doubt home is, blowed out, sold out without extra man bonus
tragedy smurf smirks, a middle mans shirt bursts, wetted up, wet work, you get it up get murked, 
a wabbit in crosshairs, mechanical fox hunt, be quiet they're hunting now, the method is awesome, 

and i can see them in my eyes when they're closed, i can feel them at night
i can feel them plot a course through the sky i believe in their flight
dones over bklyn, 

you ca hear calico ultimate point at you  
click clack and back em to bunny dust point of view, hardy har funny stuff tough cookie boy, ill be sure to bring my bitch bib sloppy eat flop around clown shoe getup, kids sing along, this is all we have left bitch sing a song, i was born conjoined to howlers of the siren age, lion cage meat life sacrifice, nothing left, tell me if it matters that i sing it wrong,another dj yells "lick the balls", another brooklyn kite delivered in his crooked paws,
id sooner wash my dick in acid than ask what you think, id fuck myself with a stun gun before gassing your team, you patch me in and ill dumb out with a channeled disease, it sucks to be nothing nobody struts when they're down on their knees,
this whole rackets for the bees fuck my life already, fuck the law, fuck the sun, say goodnight already, you fucking spam-bots sellin shit alright already, we get it you're gettin that fetti oh jesus christ already,

and i can see them in my eyes when they're closed, i can feel them at night
i can feel them plot a course through the sky i believe in their flight
dones over bklyn, 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

more random shit i produced

ill do these every now and then.  not gonna blow my wad all in one post, so here are a few you may have missed or might not remember.  nightwork and gametime by menelik, mucho stereo by bms and god is an atheist by ill bill, all produced by yours truly.

the story of producing kid hoods "drop the bomb"

im amazed this hasnt popped up earlier.  i brought this up to stretch and bob around 94 (93? 95?) for them to play.  every couple of years i google it to no results.  now, finally, its resurfaced and got people talking.  to understand how it got in to my hands to be produced i have to go back and explain some of my history.  im going to keep it as brief and to the point as possible.

i was kicked out of both high schools i went to and instead of continuing along that path i opted to get my g.e.d. and go to musical engineering school at 16.  it was a place called cma (center for the musical arts) in manhattan.  there i met and became friends with my boy lou.  lou was from hollis queens and we started hanging out up there together.  he thought i had something so he started bringing me around to some of the dudes he grew up with to cut demos and hang etc.  one of those friends was a rapper named anttex who put out a few records on tuff city.  he would later go on to start the record label libra records with the ex accountant of tuff city records and sign as its first or second act company flow.  

before co flow dropped juvenile technics anttex and i combined gear and set up a studio together in manhattan.  anttex was, at one point, friends with kid hood.  not long after he passed, anttex brought the kid hood tape (we were using 6 track cassette recorders at the time) by the studio.  i dont remember how he had it, exactly, but i know he had worked with him so im assuming it was from those sessions.  the tape didnt have a beat.  it was just a vocal.  

i remember that the beat i made for it was supposed to land differently, but because of the shitty set up (6 track cassette decks midi'd to a relatively primitive computer) it wasnt synching up the way we thought it would.  that said, it sounded so raw that i just went with it, and thats what you hear today.  

i remember we were all high as shit listening to this amazing rapper over this beat and feeling like his ghost was in the room with us (again... high).  for those that dont know kid hood, he was about to be the next big thing before he died.  his scene stealing verse on the scenario remix was released posthumously.  for us to have this incredibly rare (and possibly only) demo was almost unbelievable.

ultimately, it never went anywhere but my studio.  later, after i had fallen out with anttex and libra records (shit happens) i brought it up to stretch and bob to play.  i just felt like people should hear it.  

i wish i still had the tape with his vocals on it.  i feel like i could really do it justice now.  that being said there is something special about this song.  glad it resurfaced.  R.I.P Kid Hood


a note:  the timeline is fuzzy for me.  all i really know is that it was made around 92 and that i brought it up to play after 93.

also: big ups to the guys over at T.R.O.Y.

another note:  anttex's real name was darren.  thats who kid hood is shouting out at the end.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my basic views on the downloading issue

its pretty simple, really.



thats all.

love, el

Saturday, September 25, 2010

sit down man (my lyrics)

because i've been asked:

 gangster  computer god mind sluts my pseudonym, fuck anyone giddily giggle simply misery, fiddlers whittle bitch pitches but wear the duecy tag, first'll always be the grit truthy brooklyn elusive brand, harbinger of the bum rush plus uzi that way a ton or more,  buddy cops kiss each other, pederast priests fuck whores, go set the moral compass to something a little sacrilege i'll pirate jenny this whole town, black freighter your maggot-ness, nobody sleeps tonight, 50 car alarm evening, perpetual garbage truck annoying ice cream truck jingling,  hey young world,your clock just got donkey punched by aristocrats, maniac brainiac fist fucked in a dunce cap, looking at it from space you can see the race is just one lap, your tranquillity now is just future anarchy unhatched, 
i want a new drug plus alternate reality, some dimensional shiftiness hidden from all the cowardly, 
 gypsies read the palm and then, vomit and, gimmee back my dollar hollering "oh god get out you monster", from a local where disarmaments a running joke, more commonly for commoners its grey matter converted in to runny yoke
im not in the mood (stop), a lot more than rude (wrong),  hot rod of intoxicants (vroom), gobble ya food (gone), 
bop to the truthiness, truly im a lost boy, half man half smoke no joke got it on Locke boy, take your little sad poopy pants to the corner toy i been the brain blazed bleeder burn a bridge burner boy,
sit down

Monday, July 26, 2010

everything you've ever wanted to know about the weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 but may find it redundant to ask

this is the front cover (right) and back cover (left)

it drops on AUGUST 3RD, IN THIS YEAR OF OUR LORD 2010 on golddust records

you can pre order it here.  please ignore the fact that is says it drops on the 4th. thats a mistake.
there are no vocals on the record.  its just beats.
it is being released on cd and vinyl, pictures of which you can see here and here

you can watch/listen to a preview of some of the record here
you can hear another song here
and you can hear yet another here

i will be celebrating the release of this record in LA on august 4th at the legendary LO END THEORY party.  you can see the flyer here.  i will be doing an instrumental set and might, if im feeling it, rock a rappity raps as well.  i will almost certainly be drunk.  blame it on LA.

for those of you wondering: "but el, where the fuck is your next rap album, you faggot?"
im working on it.

love, el

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a fragment

every move is a dodge, every walks on a short plank now styles all i got against tanks, wonderful thanks.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

feeling pretty good, thanks.

its normal to have blood in your phlegm-tray, right?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

_ _ _ _ _ benedict+4 tylenol pms.

death benedict
dead benedict
dreggs benedict
blead benedict
blech benedict
bleb blebleblit
blep bleplabit
special shout to timmy wiggins

Sunday, October 4, 2009

remember that really cute picture of my cat on the sampler?

well now my sampler is broken.  furry little whore.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

the importance of an assistant

sometimes when im tapped out for ideas i let my assistant take over.

Monday, September 28, 2009

sharing progress

its a fine line.  on the one hand you want to share what you have with people you respect.  on the other hand on ly you know what it will become and the rough draft you may have now will probably not reflect the finished product.  sharing something too soon could, in some ways, ruin the work in progress for you.  also, fuck them, you know?

Friday, September 25, 2009

thats not a claw, its my hand.

and this is how i use it when my system crashes for the 4th time in one day.

satan doesnt want me to finish this song

you know you are on to something when satan starts making your computer crash just when the music is starting to get somewhere.  im on to you, fallen one.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

they always start so innocently

its only a matter of time before it explodes.

records dont always help

i dont give a fuck how many records you have.  if you arent hearing anything you arent hearing anything.  this picture isnt of my record collection, by the way.  its something i found by googling "giant record collection".  theres plenty out there.  over the years i bumped in to a lot of cats that pride themselves on how many records they have.  i used to as well.  its only when you find yourself half naked at 5am with only 1 cigarette left and 1000 records strewn across the floor that you might realize the only use for that really cool telly savalis spoken word record you found in a nebraska pawn shop is to one day utter the sentence i just uttered.  tomorrow they may all sound different, anyway.  tomorrow that record could be the catalyst for an idea that begins the start of the seed of something that might become a great song.  so yeah, nevermind.  im keeping them.  ignore me.


thinking about a friend i lost not long ago.  people ask me if im going to write a song about it.  i wonder if im ever gonna write a song again thats not about that in some way.  these types of things dont compartmentalize.  they just become you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

just putting in work, really.

been watching some tv today in preparation for the nights work.  about 8 hours straight.  feel pretty great.

Monday, September 21, 2009

album preparation

its important to be prepared for anything.  remember:  this is a cut throat profession.  only the truly prepared musician can stay ahead of the pack.  below i will list some of the things i have acquired in order to prepare for my long winter of album creation.

glass of water- 1 of.  hydration is important and in my studio importance always comes first.

soap- 1 bar of.  moving from your chair isnt always an option.  combine this with a splash from your glass of water and you can get those naughty parts clean without worrying about losing your train of thought.

extreme power dustbuster- 1 of.  sometimes soap isnt enough.  cigarette ash, dust from records, food particles... over time these seemingly harmless fragments of matter can collect on your chest and lap.  keeping this puppy within arms reach is a must.

condoms-2/3 pack of.  a man has his needs.  balancing producing with a personal life isnt always easy, especially when it means talking or moving from your chair.  having a few shields around only makes sense.  if you've got a decent chair with some wheels on it your work flow really doesnt have to be interrupted while you indulge in your coital needs.

battery powered screw driver- 1 of.  it comes in handy.

holy bible (revised standard edition)- 1 of.  for those quiet moments of reflection. guaranteed entry in to a life of perpetual perpetualness.

oh hi there.

below are a few things i have purchased over the last several months or so that i believe will be instrumental in the creation of my new record (that is, until i find a better title, tentatively titled: cancer for cure), which i will try and somewhat regularly chronicle during times when i give a shit enough to chronicle.  likashot.

1 pack yellow american spirits

%100 additive-free natural tobacco with a light, mellow taste.  sales to minors prohibited.

1 pair addidas green on white rod lavers

easy fitting with light mesh material.  house slipper substitute.

1 schippmann ebbe und flut.

yeah, its german.

1 eventide pitchfactor.

what does it do?  im trying to decide that.  thanks for asking.

1 dave smith "mopho"

it can fit in your palm, if you have a huge palm.