Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a verse from my new album


to the mother of my enemy, i just killed your son
he died with his face to the sky and it can not be undone
he didn't die hard, in the end he just grinned and bowed
made him dig his own grave at the point of a gun while he laughed to the gods out loud
and it made me want to jump... out a window.  and it made me want to scream,
tear my face off run through the streets,
pandemonium me, fucked by decree
came a long way from young and alive when i was not blind... now i can not see
grace in reverse at best it gets worse and i wanted you to know: since then i don't sleep,
and the uniform, tags, side arm and ID that i wore when i did it got send C.O.D.
to the HQ, note reading "this is not me and i hate you for making me make a man bleed"
and before the man passed and his last gasp fled (and this is why i'm writing you now) his eyes gleamed,
and he pointed to the part of his chest that still beats
looked dead in my grill and then said this to me:

there is a tougher colder killer
a tougher colder killer
a tougher colder killer than you.
and he will wipe us all from this place.
you will learn to crawl.
you will learn it all in just one day.
just one day.

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