Monday, March 19, 2012

sxsw 2012 show wrap up

had a pretty great time.  saw a lot of friends.  rocked 3 shows, 2 of which were great, 1 of which was very frustrating.  so:

pitchfork show:

great time.  first show doing new stuff.  the homies exquire, despot and killer mike all jumped up and rocked with me.  staff was pro and friendly.  crowd was great and responsive. good shit.  heres a few flics from that:

biz 3 showcase:

biz3 is an amazing company with an equally amazing staff of people i consider great allies/friends.  that said they were fighting an uphill battle with the staff/production people at the particular venue they had to do their show at.  by the time we got on the shit pretty much hit the fan.  for the first 3 songs of the set we had NO sound on stage.  as we desperately tried to hear our voices we repeatedly waved our desperate hands at the monitor guys who were... wait for it... reading books.  by the time we got our sound on we had gone through 2.5 songs belting as loud as we could and were wiped out.  then, in the middle of deepspace 9mm, which was at the 20 minute mark of a 30 minute set, all our power was turned off.  no warning.  get off stage, assholes your time is up.  needless to say it was a huge bummer of a show for us and theres no way it came off anyway close to how we wanted it to.  my apologies to anyone who only caught that 1 show of ours.  that shit tore me up and infuriated me beyond belief.  big shout to the production manager who literally ran away.  trust me when i say that was the right move.  

thrasher/converse/santos party hause:

redemption!  absolutely bonkers night, and even more insane set.  every from das racist to ex to busdriver  and despot plus many more jumped on stage with us.  the energy was incredible, the sound on stage perfect... the staff was awesome and helpful and crowd was amazing.  i feel like its safe to say we completely destroyed.  thanks to everyone there for a great time.  oh yeah... then willie d and scarface got on.  yes.

whole shit was overall amazing.  thanks for the love.

love, el

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