Monday, September 21, 2009

album preparation

its important to be prepared for anything.  remember:  this is a cut throat profession.  only the truly prepared musician can stay ahead of the pack.  below i will list some of the things i have acquired in order to prepare for my long winter of album creation.

glass of water- 1 of.  hydration is important and in my studio importance always comes first.

soap- 1 bar of.  moving from your chair isnt always an option.  combine this with a splash from your glass of water and you can get those naughty parts clean without worrying about losing your train of thought.

extreme power dustbuster- 1 of.  sometimes soap isnt enough.  cigarette ash, dust from records, food particles... over time these seemingly harmless fragments of matter can collect on your chest and lap.  keeping this puppy within arms reach is a must.

condoms-2/3 pack of.  a man has his needs.  balancing producing with a personal life isnt always easy, especially when it means talking or moving from your chair.  having a few shields around only makes sense.  if you've got a decent chair with some wheels on it your work flow really doesnt have to be interrupted while you indulge in your coital needs.

battery powered screw driver- 1 of.  it comes in handy.

holy bible (revised standard edition)- 1 of.  for those quiet moments of reflection. guaranteed entry in to a life of perpetual perpetualness.

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