Thursday, September 24, 2009

records dont always help

i dont give a fuck how many records you have.  if you arent hearing anything you arent hearing anything.  this picture isnt of my record collection, by the way.  its something i found by googling "giant record collection".  theres plenty out there.  over the years i bumped in to a lot of cats that pride themselves on how many records they have.  i used to as well.  its only when you find yourself half naked at 5am with only 1 cigarette left and 1000 records strewn across the floor that you might realize the only use for that really cool telly savalis spoken word record you found in a nebraska pawn shop is to one day utter the sentence i just uttered.  tomorrow they may all sound different, anyway.  tomorrow that record could be the catalyst for an idea that begins the start of the seed of something that might become a great song.  so yeah, nevermind.  im keeping them.  ignore me.

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