Monday, July 26, 2010

everything you've ever wanted to know about the weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 but may find it redundant to ask

this is the front cover (right) and back cover (left)

it drops on AUGUST 3RD, IN THIS YEAR OF OUR LORD 2010 on golddust records

you can pre order it here.  please ignore the fact that is says it drops on the 4th. thats a mistake.
there are no vocals on the record.  its just beats.
it is being released on cd and vinyl, pictures of which you can see here and here

you can watch/listen to a preview of some of the record here
you can hear another song here
and you can hear yet another here

i will be celebrating the release of this record in LA on august 4th at the legendary LO END THEORY party.  you can see the flyer here.  i will be doing an instrumental set and might, if im feeling it, rock a rappity raps as well.  i will almost certainly be drunk.  blame it on LA.

for those of you wondering: "but el, where the fuck is your next rap album, you faggot?"
im working on it.

love, el

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