Saturday, September 25, 2010

sit down man (my lyrics)

because i've been asked:

 gangster  computer god mind sluts my pseudonym, fuck anyone giddily giggle simply misery, fiddlers whittle bitch pitches but wear the duecy tag, first'll always be the grit truthy brooklyn elusive brand, harbinger of the bum rush plus uzi that way a ton or more,  buddy cops kiss each other, pederast priests fuck whores, go set the moral compass to something a little sacrilege i'll pirate jenny this whole town, black freighter your maggot-ness, nobody sleeps tonight, 50 car alarm evening, perpetual garbage truck annoying ice cream truck jingling,  hey young world,your clock just got donkey punched by aristocrats, maniac brainiac fist fucked in a dunce cap, looking at it from space you can see the race is just one lap, your tranquillity now is just future anarchy unhatched, 
i want a new drug plus alternate reality, some dimensional shiftiness hidden from all the cowardly, 
 gypsies read the palm and then, vomit and, gimmee back my dollar hollering "oh god get out you monster", from a local where disarmaments a running joke, more commonly for commoners its grey matter converted in to runny yoke
im not in the mood (stop), a lot more than rude (wrong),  hot rod of intoxicants (vroom), gobble ya food (gone), 
bop to the truthiness, truly im a lost boy, half man half smoke no joke got it on Locke boy, take your little sad poopy pants to the corner toy i been the brain blazed bleeder burn a bridge burner boy,
sit down

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